'Twin Peaks' Star Walter Olkewicz Dies at 72

The actor perhaps best known for his role as bartender Jacques Renault has passed away at the age of 72 in his Los Angeles house following a prolonged illness.

AceShowbiz - "Twin Peaks" star Walter Olkewicz has died aged 72.

According to screenwriter son Zak, Olkewicz died at his Los Angeles home on Tuesday (06Apr21) following a prolonged illness.

"He was a good man who pushed his love for creativity and the arts into everything he did," Zak told USA Today of his father. "He handed that passion down to me, and I look forward to passing it on to the grandchildren he loved so much."

Olkewicz was best well known for playing bartender Jacques Renault in "Twin Peaks", but also achieved fame starring as oil refinery worker Dougie Boudreau in "Grace Under Fire" and the cable guy who wound up Kramer in "Seinfeld".

He also starred in films including "1941", alongside John Belushi, Dan Aykroyd, Mickey Rourke, and "The Client" in 1994.

He's survived by Zak, daughter-in-law Katrina Rennells, and grandchildren Sadie and Declan.

Rumor has it, Walter Olkewicz had been bed-ridden due to infections from a series of knee surgeries.

In a newer Facebook post, Zak Olkewicz wrote of his father's death, "It was sudden but I don't believe he woke up or was in any pain or fear."

"Anyone who has reached out that I've failed to respond to I'm sorry, and anyone who I was not able to reach in person before news broke I'm sorry as well. He was a lot of great things, but mostly he was a good good person in his heart, and I know from the outreach of kind words from everyone he will be missed by the world as much as by his family."

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