'Verzuz' Fans Not Having It After The Isley Brothers Perform R. Kelly Songs
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The Cincinnati-originated musical group leans on their R. Kelly era, singing songs like 'Contagious' and 'Busted', during their 'Verzuz' battle with Earth, Wind and Fire.

AceShowbiz - Fans' excitement for the showdown between The Isley Brothers and Earth, Wind & Fire in the latest edition of "Verzuz" has been marred with some R. Kelly references. The Cincinnati-originated musical group, whose discography spawned hits made by the incarcerated singer/songwriter, refused to severe tie with the disgraced musician during the Instagram Live series.

Facing off the "Let's Groove" hitmakers in the Sunday night, April 4 edition of the Timbaland and Swizz Beatz-created series, The Isley Brothers leaned on their R. Kelly era. They sang their songs which were written or produced by the accused sexual abusers, like "Contagious" and "Busted", though Ronald Isley and Ernie Isley notably avoided singing R. Kelly's part in "Contagious".

Viewers were understandably shocked and upset after learning that The Isley Brothers performed the R. Kelly songs on "Verzuz". One Twitter user expressed her/his feeling with a GIF which caption read, "Girl, I'm bout to have a fit."

Another was equally surprised, weighing in, "I didn't think he was gonna sing it! He let Mr. Biggs out #Verzuz." A third one was not thrilled to listen to the songs, claiming, "I hate these stupid R. Kelly songs lmao #Verzuz." Another canceled the incarcerated star, "F**k R Kelly, but the Mr Bigg era is everything!!! #Verzuz."

A fan, meanwhile, had to jump to The Isley Brothers' defense before the group was chastised by critics. "Me begging one of you mfs to try & cancel The Isley's when they jump in they R. Kelly bag of hits #Verzuz," the said person wrote. Another, meanwhile, admitted to still loving the song despite hating the man who created it, "Ugh R. Kelly ruined everything would've loved to hear contagious down low and friend of mine #Verzuz #mrbiggs."

Some others were angry at R. Kelly fans who made use of the occasion to call for R. Kelly's release from prison. "Not people tweeting free R. Kelly...," one person reacted. Another wrote, "Stop all the Free R Kelly nonsense...his perverted a** needs to be EXACTLY where he's at." Also noticing the fans' action, someone else added, "A these people crying ' Free R. Kelly' in the Verzuz are alarming. He's right where he belongs."

The Isley Brothers have not responded to the criticism for featuring R. Kelly songs on their "Verzuz" appearance.

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