Tom Holland Wears Nothing but Thong Under His Spider-Man Suit
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The Peter Paker depicter reveals he wears nothing but a thong underneath his skintight superhero costume when he's filming the Marvel blockbuster franchise.

AceShowbiz - Tom Holland wears a thong underneath his Spider-Man suit.

The 24-year-old actor admits he has very little on beneath his superhero costume.

"I wear a thong, like a jockstrap thing," he tells GQ. "I have a thong and a mesh underlay suit and then the Spider-Man suit, made from very coarse material, goes over the top."

Tom, who will reprise his role as the webslinger for "Spider-Man: No Way Home", goes on to reveal he has never been tempted to steal his own suit from the set even though there are "loads of them flying around."

"I could just steal one," he chuckles. "I should just go home in one from the set and be like, 'Come and take it off me!' They'd never find the hidden zips, though."

The upcoming "Spider-Man: Far From Home" sequel will also see the return of Zendaya Coleman and Jacob Batalon. It's due stateside on December 21 this year.

The plot is still kept under wrap, but Holland's Peter Parker is expected to sport a new haircut as the actor previously revealed he refused to wear wig to hide haircut from his other movie "Uncharted".

"I have cool shaved sides and it's slick at the back, and that's not very Peter Parker," he told Esquire. "He (Parker)'s a bit of a loser. So they put this wig on me that was just around the sides."

But Holland was not impressed and fought against the suggestion - and won. "For the first time in my life, I put my foot down as the leading actor and was like, 'I'm not f**king wearing that wig. I'm going to have shorter hair and you're going to have to deal with it!' " he shared.

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