The Super Bowl ad for the network provider reveals how the Maroon 5 frontman played a matchmaker for the No Doubt singer and the country music singer after a video call with spotty mobile connection.

AceShowbiz - Gwen Stefani and Blake Shelton have been dating for over five years and are still going strong, thanks to shoddy cell service. A new T-Mobile ad unveiled during Super Bowl LV reveals how the couple got together, with the help of Blake's frenemy Adam Levine.

The commercial that aired during the big game on Sunday, February 7 is set years ago and sees Gwen and Adam having a conversation over the phone, with spotty mobile connection. They are video chatting with the No Doubt frontwoman explaining her ideal choice in a partner.

Gwen says she's looking for someone cultured, from another country and someone not scared of a strong woman. What Adam hears, however, is the "Hollaback Girl" singer wants someone not from Los Angeles who's "completely country," "uncultured" and is "threatened by a strong, confident woman."

"I have your guy," the Maroon 5 star replies. He sets up Gwen and Blake on a date. While she appears to be less than impressed upon her first meeting with the "Don't Make Me" hitmaker, in real life they are still together and have been engaged since October 2020.

The T-Mobile ad featuring "The Voice" coaches is one of the commercials prepared by the company for Super Bowl LV. Another ad has Tom Brady and Rob Gronkowski starring in it, but it was banned from airing during the live broadcast.

The said ad is set one year ago, with Tom in Boston calling his former Patriots teammate Rob, who enjoys his retirement playing gold in Florida. The former asks his friend for advice on whether it's time for him to hang up the cleats and call it a career.

"I got one word for you: retirement," Rob says. "If you retire now, you're gonna be walking on soft sand in a week. Just come to Florida and feel the wind in your hair. Retirement is like winning another one. Maybe I'll even join you."

Tom apparently doesn't use T-Mobile and catches Rob saying this instead, "If you retire now ... you're soft and weak. Just come to Florida and win another one. Maybe I'll even join you." The ad then shows the 43-year-old quarterback at a press conference last March, after he signed with the Buccaneers.

"And Gronk's coming with me," Tom tells the press, surprising the tight end, who's watching in shorts at home. "I'm retired from retirement?" Rob mumbles to himself.

Rob indeed joined the Buccaneers in 2020 and reunited with Tom on Super Bowl LV, scoring another Super Bowl win in their careers.

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