Jamie Foxx Recruited a Group of Friends to Intimidate Daughter's High School Boyfriend

According to daughter Corinne Foxx, the 'Django Unchained' actor once showed up at her boyfriend's front door with a group of friends in an attempt to intimidate the boy.

AceShowbiz - Jamie Foxx once recruited a group of his friends to pay a visit to her high school boyfriend to "intimidate" him.

The "Ray" star's real-life bond with his eldest daughter, actress Corinne Foxx, has inspired new Netflix sitcom "Dad Stop Embarrassing Me", and the 26 year old admitted they had plenty of material to draw from, because he was so "over the top" growing up.

She told Entertainment Tonight, "Yes, my dad is cool, but he also embarrassed me a lot through my teenagehood. So we basically wrote a show about it..."

"He's just over the top with everything. I think one that is in the show is when he showed up at my high school boyfriend's front door with a gang of his friends to, I don't know what, intimidate him, threaten him, who knows what he said to this kid."

"That's just a very, very small amount of the things that he did to embarrass me."

Corinne - whose mother is Connie Kline - admitted her dad has "never been on set" for any of her movies because he's such a "big personality."

She said, "I think he likes to give me kind of a little bit of space to do my thing. And you know him. He's a big personality on set."

Besides Corinne, Jamie Foxx has another daughter from his former relationship with Kristin Grannis.

Back in 2017, Kristin's father claimed that, while Jamie and Kristin remained friends following their split, their relationship became more tense after he started seeing Katie Holmes in 2013.

Jamie and Katie eventually split in 2019.

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