Teen Living in Diplo's House Claims He Kicks Her Out

TikTokker Quenlin Blackwell, who caused a stir for living with the 42-year-old DJ, posts a parody video of her crying her eyes out for having to pack things up and pay for her own apartment.

AceShowbiz - A teen, who was caught in scandal last month for living with Diplo, has been forced to move out. Quenlin Blackwell posted a parody video on her YouTube channel in which she dramatized her reactions to having to leave the house she used to share with the famous DJ.

Titled the video "DIPLO KICKED ME OUT," Quenlin lamented having to forgo the luxuries she used to enjoy at the L.A. mansion, including the sauna and Diplo's Dior cowboy hat. "I was living a life in the Hills. And y'all ruined it," she said while pretending to cry her eyes out, blaming nitpicking people for the move.

"And now this house is for sale. And I had to buy an apartment with my own money," the 19-year-old TikTok star went on complaining, before defending herself, "I wasn't even having sex with Diplo."

Quenlin then showed her new apartment, which is much smaller than Diplo's crib. Giving a short tour of her new place, she jokingly mocked herself for her empty fridge and her simple washing machine. "I'm not grateful ever," she shouted.

She then opened the door to her balcony as if she was about to jump from it. When a woman behind the camera told her, "Don't do it!" she tearfully responded, "I wanna live with Diplo."

Addressing the move in a more serious note, Quenlin once again blamed it on the critics and the press. "I hate y'all," she said while sitting on a couch. "I hate the press." The social media influencer additionally claimed she "was moving out already," but since the press was "being annoying," she decided to "capitalize" on it.

Quenlin and Diplo caught the heat after she revealed in October that she's living with the 42-year-old DJ, who called himself her "L.A. dad." Following the backlash, Quenlin denied that the Major Lazer star was grooming her.

"I'm an adult. I'm not being groomed. Platonic relationships exist. I've been living here for over a year...I'd rather break both of my legs and be forced to walk than pursue Diplo romantically and he'd rather choke," she said on her Twitter account. "He's barley (sic) in L.A. bc he's so busy."

Diplo then explained their living situation as tweeting, "OK so I rent one of my properties to @quenblackwell. And yes I use the studio that is in her building. Her social media is sarcastic and chaotic and I can see you can get a twisted idea but there is nothing but a friendship between us."

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