Orlando Bloom Asks Fans to Be A Blessing for ALS-Stricken 'Pirates of the Caribbean' Stunt Double

Introducing Zach Hudson as a man he respects and admires, the Will Turner depicter in the Disney fantasy franchise discloses that the stunt double's illness 'is progressing much faster than expected.'

AceShowbiz - Orlando Bloom has come to a stuntman's aid. Upon learning that his "Pirates of the Caribbean" stunt double Zach Hudson is battling Bulbar ALS, the actor portraying Will Turner in the Disney fantasy film franchise encouraged fans to take part in donating for his treatment and other bills.

On Thursday, November 19, the 43-year-old Hollywood star shared on Instagram some photos of himself with Zach. "We are living in some challenging times and I imagine in some ways that we are all 'walking our desert'. I wanted to share a link for a man that I respect and admire," he first wrote about his pal.

"Zach was my stunt double while shooting #piratesofthecaribbean and always had a smile on his face whatever the challenge before him was," the fiance of Katy Perry went on to share more information about the ailing 48-year-old. "He is currently bravely fighting ALS which is progressing much faster than expected."

"If you happen to be a fan of the movie and/or me please follow the link in my bio for ways you could be a blessing for this wonderful family," the father of two then made his plea for assistance. "Wishing you all health and happiness as we move thru these difficult days. Thank you."

The "Troy" actor was not the only celebrity showing support for Zach. Zooey Deschanel, who worked with the stuntman's wife Monica Braunger Hudson when filming "New Girl", also made use of her Instagram page to urge for donation to the family.

Posting a picture of herself with Monica, the "500 Days of Summer" star wrote, "This is my stunt double of 10+ years- Monica Braunger Hudson. If you love Jess from 'New Girl', then you love Monica, she was a huge part of bringing so many comedic moments to life." She further said, "She met her wonderful stuntman husband Zach on the set of 'New Girl'."

"Tragically her husband was diagnosed with ALS earlier this year and because of covid, they're unable to work and in need of help with expenses for treatment, equipment and bills," she elaborated. "On top of all this she's looking after her two very young daughters. If you have a few dollars to spare please consider donating. Thank you! Link in my story to donate."

Zach's friends have created a GoFundMe page for the stunt double. "He's a professional, award winning, stunt man from some of your favorite movies and shows. But more importantly, he is a husband and a father. A father to two baby girls- just 3 & 1yrs old. A father to four older sons," the note on the page read. Per Friday, November 20, $61,815 off the $100,000 goal has been raised.

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