Video: Jon Jones Scares Away Suspected Burglar With Shotgun

The professional mixed martial artist shares a video from his surveillance camera which shows him chasing down a man, who attempts to steal from him, with a shotgun.

AceShowbiz - Jon Jones' fists and kicks are not the only things people should be worrying about if they're going to mess with him. The UFC star has thwarted a burglary attempt by chasing down a suspected man with a shotgun.

On Sunday, November 1, the professional mixed martial artist shared on Instagram security footage of him scaring away the alleged burglar. In the video, presumably taken from surveillance camera at his home in Albuquerque, the man was walking across Jon's driveway on early Sunday morning.

The man sneaked into one of the vehicles parked just outside the garage, before getting into another vehicle, setting the car's rear lights on. The man then ran for his life as the garage door opened, with Jon stepping out with his shotgun. Jon was seen chasing down the man with his big gun while the man allegedly ran back to his own car.

It's suffice to say that no one was injured despite what was seen in the video as Jon wrote in the caption, "Ended up tapping on this guys driver side window with the muzzle of my shotgun last night... He's lucky I'm smart enough to not shoot a man while he's retreating."

He went on warning potential burglars and thieves, "Next time you try to rob someone, make sure you're fast enough to out run them." He added, "People I know times are getting hard but your life isn't worth a few material possessions. What are your thoughts on this video, what would you have done differently?"

Professional downhill mountain biker Aaron Gwin was among those who commented on Jon's post, sharing his similar experience with a burglar. "Duuude! lol I have a similar story except I ended up wrestling the dude after I caught him and locked in a choke hold till the cops showed up," he wrote. "Gotta tell ya the story next time we hang haha @jonnybones."

Another user suggested to the 33-year-old athlete, "Locked my car like a normal person. Then fired off a warning shot and let the dog loose." Some others, meanwhile, trolled the alleged thief, with one quipping, "Imagine being chased by Jon Jones carrying a 12 gauge."

"Should have broke into Anthony Smith's house not Bones Jones," another joked. Someone else added, "I couldn't imagine robbing someone and the garage door opens and it's Jon Jones!! Ima call 911."

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