LeBron James' Daughter Zhuri Receives Mini Mansion as Early Birthday Gift

The L.A. Lakers player gives his followers a look at the little girl's massive playhouse in his expansive backyard through a couple of videos posted on Instagram Stories.

AceShowbiz - Everyone wants to be Zhuri James now. The daughter of LeBron James has yet to officially turn six years old, but her athlete father has already showered her with a lavish gift as he showed on Instagram Stories on Tuesday, October 13 a mini-version of their family's mansion that he gave his daughter.

In one video he posted on the social media site, LeBron first gave his followers a look at the main house before moving the camera to show Zhuri's replica in the expansive backyard. The little girl was standing outside the house, looking as if she welcomed LeBron to come to her massive playhouse. "So this is outside the house, and then this little girl has the nerve to have her own house. Are you doing school from your crib?" the NBA star joked. "Your house looks just like the big house."

The followup clip featured the inside of her house. As soon as LeBron entered the house, he was greeted with a purple velvet sofa with pink cushions that he could comfortably sit on. But Zhuri apparently didn't appreciate her father dirtying her floor because she took a napkin from her impressively-sized kitchen and bent down to wipe the black-and-white tiles. Seemingly finding it hilarious, LeBron said with a chuckle, "Oh my bad, I got your floor dirty?"

People naturally felt envious after watching the clip, with a number of them jokingly pointing out that Zhuri's playhouse is much better than their own house. "Why my apartment the same size as her house? The math ain't mathing," one said. "Lmaooooo!!! Her house is bigger than my apartment lok," another echoed, while an individual commented, "I live in NYC, why that lil girl crib bigger than my whole apartment."

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