Selena Gomez Defended as BLACKPINK Fans Voice Disappointment Over Possible Collab

Some people are convinced that the 'Who Says' singer will ruin the upcoming collab, while some others are disappointed that the girl group's collaborator isn't Ariana Grande.

AceShowbiz - BLACKPINK has a collaboration with another Hollywood star in the way. It's been reported that the K-Pop sensation will release a joint song with Selena Gomez next month, but fans of the girl group are less than happy to hear the news and are very vocal about their disappointment.

Not a few even decided to mock the way Selena's sing, pointing out that the former Disney darling is not a good singer. "We don’t even want that collab no more selena's 'singing' will ruin the song," a BLACKPINK fan said, as one other simply said that they "can keep it." On the other hand, someone was convinced that the song would "collapse" if it sounds like Selena's hit "Fetish".

"Why does she have to ruin everything..," another expressed his/her disappointment, as some others lamented the fact that Ariana Grande would not be the one collaborating BLACKPINK like what previous rumor suggested. "We don't want to see Blackpink doing charity, we want Aripink," an individual commented.

Fortunately for Selena, she has a very supportive fanbase who will defend her anytime. "I'm officially done with Selena's power being denied, I've sat back and watched for too long. B***hes are getting checked from now on," one said. "BLACKPINK ADVOCATES WOMEN EMPOWERMENT JUST LIKE SELENA GOMEZ. So ya'll shut up and sit down if you stan one of them but you drag the other. Stop being pathetic!" another blasted the haters.

Someone else commented, "Selena gomez does not have 184M followers and a $75M net worth for toxic antis to belittle her you hear me? this is why some western fans dislike kpop stans. y'all deranged. belittling a successful woman for just having a collab with a kpop group u dislike?" Meanwhile, one other wrote, "Ppl are so against Selena but despite the hate, Selena spreads positivity and support women. So I'll b happy if this collab is confirmed. Oh and song 'Who says' was my anthem. I b singing that s**t 25/8."

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