Charlie Puth Dubs Jennifer Aniston His 'New Girlfriend'
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Having been 'Friends' superfan, the 'See You Again' hitmaker admits to Ellen DeGeneres that he is 'shaking from excitement' before being treated to a surprise meet with the Rachel Green depicter.

AceShowbiz - "Friends" superfan Charlie Puth fulfilled yet another "Friends" dream during an appearance on "The Ellen DeGeneres Show" on Monday, October 28, when he was introduced to Jennifer Aniston.

The actress, who was also a guest, surprised the "See You Again" singer with a hug and left him "shaking from excitement".

"I'm dying right now," Puth beamed. "You smell so good."

Puth couldn't help but ask the blonde beauty if the beloved sitcom would ever be rebooted, volunteering to create the music if there was ever a cast return.

"We would love for there to be something, but we don't know what that something is," Aniston said, adding, "We're working on something."

"This is my new girlfriend," Puth then joked to the studio audience.

The sweet exchange comes weeks after Puth was forced to dial back his emotions during a sit down with Courteney Cox last month (September 2019), when she quizzed him on his knowledge of the show.

After declaring him a "winner" she handed Charlie a very special prize - her cup from the show, which had been "by my bed since show wrapped".

As Charlie fought back tears, Cox added, "Well, you should cry because this is everything!"

She then asked, "Are you really crying?," prompting the singer to respond, "Yeah, I don't know why."

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