Fantasia's Husband Breaks Silence Following Backlash Over 'Submission' Remarks

In an Instagram post, the married couple weighs in on the whole controversy with Kendall Taylor adding that people seem to be confused with the word submitting with dictatorship.

AceShowbiz - Fantasia Barrino sparked online chatter after she talked about how women had to submit to their husbands in a relationship during her appearance on "The Breakfast Club" on Monday, September 16. Her comments got mixed reviews among social media users, and now her husband Kendall Taylor addressed the matter in a video.

In an Instagram post, the married couple talked about the whole controversy with Kendall adding that people seemed to be confused with the word submitting with dictatorship. "Submission is supposed to be a beautiful song and dance between two lovers," he said in the video.

"What's happened is, men have abused that gift ... I submit daily to the most high," he continued explaining. "I stay in my scriptures, I continue to feed myself with things that help me build my character to reshape my perspective that was messed up in the streets ... so I can come to my wife from a pure position."

"So when I do that, and she sees me and witnesses over time that its an authentic demonstration, her heart is moved and softened and compelled to submit to me," he added.

Later, Fantasia joined him in responding to the issue. "I think when women hear the word 'submission,' where like 'What? Submitting?' " she shared. "To piggyback off of what my husband said, it was what he demonstrated."

During the previous interview, the "American Idol" alum said, "We need more men to stand up and lead the way. Most women are trying to be the leader, that's why they can't find a man." The singer then stressed that women couldn't be king in the house and told them to "fall back and be the queen and let your man lead the way."

This prompted one of the hosts to ask whether or not they could be equal, to which Fantasia replied, "Of course, because at the end of the day I'm the neck and my man is the head. So he can't make any moves when I'm his wife. You know what I mean? We all work together."

Her interview successfully sparked debate among social media users, with some agreeing with what Fantasia said. Meanwhile, some others weren't buying it. "I agree it's a time to be led and a time to take the lead and it's harder for us women who have been independent our whole lives and raised by women that have been the same!" one supporter said. "But if god blesses you with a KING who leads you yes submit and allow him to lead you."

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