Demian Bichir Confirms Wife Stefanie Sherk's Death by Suicide, Slams 'Heartless' Media
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The 'Hateful Eight' actor reveals his actress and model wife suffered from depression before taking her own life, as he attempts to raise awareness of the issue.

AceShowbiz - Demian Bichir has confirmed reports that stated his wife Stefanie Sherk's cause of death as suicide. In a lengthy statement released via Instagram on two separate posts and in two languages, the Mexican-born actor reveals "depression" took the actress and model's life at 43.

"The Los Angeles County Medical Examiner-Coroner has completed the investigation regarding my wife's death and have made the results public. It is with courage, dignity and love for our Stefanie, that we confirm such information," he wrote. "Depression has taken the lives of so many beautiful, wonderful, talented people such as my beloved wife, Stefanie. The nightmare that we have been through over the last several days will only be eased if we succeed in taking our pain and sorrow out into the world as an important message of awareness so, hopefully, other lives can be saved."

While he aims to help others affected with similar issue, the 55-year-old said that he and his family would need "some time to heal and grieve before we could talk about this issue that affects way too many people around the globe."

He went on praising his late wife as writing, "Stefanie was an extraordinary daughter, a generous loving sister, a smart and funny friend, a dignified, elegant and talented actor and a compassionate human. She was the perfect woman for me. My soul mate. My best friend. She made me better in every sense. I fell under her gorgeous spell ever since I laid eyes on her for the first time. And that was the same effect she caused on everybody who had the fortune to know her."

Stating that "our dear families and I are devastated by this powerful event that have changed our lives forever," he continued to "respectfully ask once again for your understanding in allowing us to grieve in peace and privacy in this sad and difficult times." He concluded the statement, "We want to thank you all for your loving support your words of encouragement and solidarity. Stefanie's life and legacy were way bigger and more wonderful than what made her leave us so early. We love you deeply, Stefanie Sherk."

Hours later, Demian uploaded two videos showing journalists, who identified themselves as being from Telemundo and the Daily Mail, coming to his place to ask for his comment on Stefanie's passing. Both journalists' requests were turned down, and they quickly gave up without much persistence as they completely understood his situation.

But the Academy Award-nominated actor is clearly annoyed by their presence as he lashed out at the news outlets, "This is what happens when you ask for respect and privacy for your pain, sorrow and grief. These people have no shame, no decency and no scruples. They shamelessly say 'our people', la Raza, mis paisanos 'want to know'. False. Our people are way more sensible to other people's pain that (sic) this media will ever be. They cover their shameless acts behind our people. They don't represent our people. Our people are good and decent."

He went on warning media in general, "To all the media, it's important that you know that cameras are running fully 24/7 in our property and we will take legal action against any invasion of our privacy. We should be able to grieve peacefully instead of dealing with these despicable acts. Once again, the only comments we will make will be posted on this account. Shame on you @telemundo and @dailymail You are absolutely heartless."

Telemundo has since apologized for causing discomfort to the grieving star. "We would like to express our deepest respect to the Bichir family at this difficult moment, and to apologize if they felt offended," a spokesperson for the network says in a statement to TheWrap. "Our objective has always been to conduct our news-gathering in a professional manner."

Demian broke the news of Stefanie's death on Wednesday, April 24. She was reportedly found at the bottom of her family's swimming pool by her husband and died eight days later on 20 April at the hospital. The Los Angeles County Medical Examiner has ruled the Canadian actress, who starred in "Valentine's Day" and Demian's directorial debut "Un cuento de circo & a Love Song", died from anoxic encephalopathy, a condition where the brain tissue is deprived of oxygen resulting in loss of brain function.

The pair had no child together.

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