Abigail Breslin Raises Issues With Adam Levine's Shirtless Performance at 2019 Super Bowl
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The former 'Scream Queens' actress takes to Twitter to question why society can accept a topless performance from the Maroon 5 frontman, but not Janet Jackson's accidental nip-slip in 2004.

AceShowbiz - Abigail Breslin has questioned why Adam Levine was allowed to go topless during his Super Bowl performance when Janet Jackson was blacklisted for her accidental nip-slip in 2004.

The "Rhythm Nation" singer was heavily criticised and ridiculed after Justin Timberlake accidentally exposed her breast for a split second when he ripped away part of her top during the 2004 Super Bowl Halftime Show. Following the wardrobe malfunction, known as "Nipplegate", network bosses at CBS were slapped with a $550,000 (£420,000) indecency fine and Janet's singles and music videos were blacklisted from certain radio stations and music channels, while Justin was not similarly penalised.

On Sunday, February 03, Maroon 5 frontman Adam removed his top to show off his heavily tattooed body as he performed, and a number of social media users questioned why it was OK to see his nipples and not Janet's.

"I have nothing against Adam Levine whatsoever and actually am a huge fan but it's messed up that society seems it acceptable for him to be shirtless during the halftime show and Janet Jackson was chastised because her breast was accidentally exposed at the same event. #doublestandards," the "Zombieland" actress wrote. "It's unfair that she was ridiculed for an accident that wasn't even her fault but a man can take his shirt off on stage and it's no problem."

When asked by a user if she thinks Adam should be fined for going topless, she replied, "I'm saying neither should be fined. Or both should be fined. It's not fair an accidental slip of a female nipple is cause for a fine but a man ripping his shirt off on stage is chill. It should be a fine for both or a fine for none."

"Do the Right Thing" actress Rosie Perez also had similar thoughts, tweeting, "Okay. Hold up. Are they going to go in and penalize #AdamLevine for showing his t*ts like they did @JanetJackson ? Just asking. @SuperBowl."

Former "Friends" star Aisha Tyler added, "Why is it okay to see Adam Levine'a (sic) boobs and not Janet Jackson's? Asking for a friend," while "Transparent" actress Trace Lysette posted, "Janet Jackson should be asked to perform at the #SuperBowl next year and her nipples should be celebrated just like Adam's were tonight."

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