MLB Star Aubrey Huff Blasts LeBron James for Carrying Purses and Wearing Shorts

Taking to his Twitter account, the 43-year-old athlete tells his male followers, 'Young men this is not how a man is supposed to dress,' alongside a couple of pictures of the NBA star.

AceShowbiz - Aubrey Huff found his name trending on Twitter on Sunday, July 2, and it was all because of his tweet about LeBron James. The baseball player took to the bluebird app to mock the NBA superstar for carrying purses and wearing shorts as Aubrey deemed his decision "not manly."

Alongside a couple of pictures of LeBron holding a purse in his hand, Aubrey told his young male followers, "Young men this is not how a man is supposed to dress." The 43-year-old added, "Carrying a purse is not cool. I suppose dressing like this makes it easier to kneel," referring to recent protests in which athletes kneeled for the national anthem ahead of a game in support of the Black Lives Matter movement.

Some people agreed with what Aubrey said and pointed out that LeBron's action is "downright unattractive," while some others came to the L.A. Lakers player's defense. "it's so funny how weak men spend so much time trying to act like they're strong by defining and policing others' masculinity. chill, sis. you could never le... let alone lebron," an individual said. "Says the man whose momma named him Aubrey. She knew he would turn out to be a racist little b***h," another hit back at Aubrey.

Bringing up Aubrey's past interview that found him admitting to his gambling addiction, an individual mocked him, "Young men this is not how a man is supposed to behave. Leaving your family is not cool. I suppose gambling till 4 or 5 in the morning makes it easier to stand up for the anthem though." Someone else commented, "Aren't you the dips**t who wears his wife's red thong for good luck? Sit this one out, Aubrey."

"Every one of yall in the comments sound f**king like d**ks talking about this s**t. A handbag and f**king shorts dont make him any less of a man. If thats the case, then EVERY man with nipples, or eyelashes is feminine. Let people dress how they want without being assholes," one other stood up for LeBron.

Meanwhile, LeBron has yet to give his response.

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