Steve Lawrence Urges Fans Not to Pity Him Amid Battle With Alzheimer's

In an emotional letter to his devotees, the one-half of Steve and Eydie assures that the doctors have 'managed to slow down this horrific process,' and he is living a wonderful, joyous life.

AceShowbiz - Singer and actor Steve Lawrence is detailing his battle with Alzheimer's disease in an emotional letter to fans.

Lawrence, who previously headlined musical duo Steve and Eydie with his late wife Eydie Gorme, opened up about his diagnosis in the heartfelt statement released by his spokesman on Tuesday, June 11.

"Dear Friends, There have been a number of rumors and some press reaching out to me and I feel it's important that I tell my own truth," he wrote. "I have been diagnosed with Alzheimer's disease, and it's in the early stages. I am being treated with medications under the supervision of some of the finest doctors in the field."

Despite his deteriorating health, the 83-year-old is determined to maintain a positive outlook.

"Fortunately, they have managed to slow down this horrific process," he added. "I'm living my life, going out in public and trying to spend as much time as possible with my family and friends while I am still able to engage and enjoy."

He also urged his devoted followers to refrain from pitying him and paid tribute to Gorme, who died in 2013 of an undisclosed illness.

"I want my beloved fans to know that in spite of this bittersweet moment, what I don't want is pity or sympathy - I have lived and am living a wonderful, joyous life filled with love, support, and amazing moments," he shared. "With my beloved Eydie, I had one of the great loves of all time; my career has always been there for me as a source of joy and fulfillment; and you, my fans, have shown immeasurable love and support in ways I only could have imagined."

Lawrence and Gorme rose to fame in the '60s, performing comedy skits in nightclubs and on TV over the course of the decade. Steve also appeared in a number of films, including "Stand Up and Be Counted" and "The Blues Brothers".

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