Daniel Powter
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Daniel Powter

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Birth Name
Daniel Richard Powter
Birth Date
Feb 25, 1971
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Vancouver, Canada
Daniel Powter Biography

Slated to perform at the 2006 MTV Asia Awards scheduled to be held on May 6 at Siam Paragon in Bangkok, Thailand, Daniel Powter seems to have really become the new center of attention following the huge success of single “Bad Day” and his eponymous album for invitations to pop up on TV shows keep coming for him to accept. Previously made a handful appearances in the second week of April which include “The Today Show” also “Live with %cRegis & Kelly%”, fans joyously could still see more of the charming singer for the rest of the month through “The Tonight Show with %cJay Leno%” on date 24 then “Ellen: The %cEllen DeGeneres% Show” by the next 3 days while waiting for the fixed dates of his U.S. tour. In the meantime, a European tour has already been prepared carefully to greet those devoted supporters of his during May and June 2006 as he goes around Germany, Switzerland, Italy, and Sweden to name few of the stands.

Hailed from Canada, Daniel was born on February 25, 1971 in Okanagan Valley, British Columbia and grew up in the city of Vernon where he received great influence from her mother in music to then begin taking violin lessons at a mere age of 4. Spending most of his time to develop his skills in playing this instrument for years, the devotion consequently led him to be an outsider among his schoolmates and later a perfect target of bullies, much to his dismal. The fact that he suffers from dyslexia only worsened the already-awful situation since the boy inevitably had difficulty in reading musical notes his violin teacher strongly required him to master, gradually causing his eagerness in playing violin wore off as time went by.

Tired of holding down the pressure, Daniel finally concluded to give up his violin practice in his early teens and chose to turn his attention on his mother's piano which delightfully enabled him to create tunes in his own unique way despite his dyslexic condition. "I'd always messed around on it," he recalled. "But when I made the shift from violin I realized that it was so great to be able to play multiple notes at once in the bass, the midrange, and the high range.” The interest in piano soon extended to the passion for singing, but it was not until this striking guy entered his senior year in high school that he made his first step in performing song, even recorded a single that won the airplay in Rocktoria, a radio contest held in Victoria, British Columbia.

Following his high school graduation, Daniel afterwards continued his study at Edmonton's Grant MacEwan College to broaden his knowledge in music yet he later found out that his learning disability once again brought him to frustration. "I got A's all the time in ear training,” he remarked. “But in theory I got an F because I didn't read well. After a while I started to hate school -- and I realized it was better for me to create on my own.” Subsequently dropped out from the college in his sophomore year, the young man then fixed his mind to pursue a singing career and so headed for Vancouver with the hope of finding enough decent opportunity to flourish there.

Daniel's bold decision fortunately did not result in vain as he made his way to impress producer %cJeff Dawson% who eagerly helped him compiling the materials for his demo tapes before sent them to some major recording companies. To their delight, a positive response quickly came from Warner Bros. Records which thus led to a meeting in Los Angeles and ultimately, a record deal Daniel had long waited in anticipation. Using this lavish opportunity to collaborate with %cMitchell Froom%, the man behind the works of %cElvis Costello%, %cLos Lobos%, plus %cRandy Newman% among others, he smoothly released his first effort, a single entitled “Bad Day”, by mid 2005 in Europe.

The outcome was really tremendous as “Bad Day” instantly soared to enter the top five of Canadian and Australian charts while became a smash hit in Europe, even took the fifth rank in the British Record of the Year in 2005. Looking on this attainment, Daniel then confidently crossed to the U.S. market, launching the single in February 2006 followed by his self-titled debut album on April 11, more than 7 months after its international release. As everyone had assumed, both works also found their success in the country, particularly the single, which amazingly secured the number one spot on three Billboard charts of Hot Digital Songs, Pop 100, and most notably, The Billboard Hot 100, unmistakably directed the singer to widespread recognition as another brilliant talent to watch of that year.

And to follow up the success of the self-titled Warner Bros. debut, Daniel soon then widely announced his plan to embark on a U.S. club tour which is slated kick off in Philadelphia on July 17 and wrap up August 4-5 in Los Angeles.