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Rap Group
Birth Date
Dec 8, 2019
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Atlanta, Georgia, USA
D4L Biography

In the anticipation of their single, “Laffy Taffy”, to appear on MTV2's “Monster Remix” by January 15, 2006 along with other songs of %cJuelz Santana%, %cSean Paul%, and %cYing Yang Twins%, D4L has really made such an excellent landing on the mainstream hip-hop scene with this particular tune. Gloriously created a new SoundScan history for the digital download sales of the song reached over 175,000 copies in the first week of January 2006, the rap group unmistakably has emerged as one of the most innovative outfits in American music industry.

Consists of four talented guys who go with the names of %cFa-bo%, %cMook-B%, %cStoney%, and %cShawty Lo%, D4L, which stands for “down for life”, was formed in Atlanta by the year 2003. Afterwards looking for a record deal, they wonderfully were signed to Dee Money Entertainment/Hitt Afta Hitt Management, a growing indie label and management company which previously had scored great success with acts like %cCrime Mob%, %cMac Bre-Z%, also %cPlaya Fly%. First earned public notice through their underground smash hit song, “Betcha Can't Do It Like Me”, the group rose to national recognition when released their next single, “Laffy Taffy.”

Included in their debut album entitled “Down 4 Life” which came up on November 8, 2005, “Laffy Taffy” amazingly soared to the top spot of Billboard Hot 100 and Hot Digital Songs while also made its way to enter the top 10 of three other Billboard charts. Unquestionably received commercial success along with vast popularity across the country, the quartet wonderfully kept their feet touching the ground, staying humble despite their superb attainment. “God's got his hands on this project,” Mook-B remarked earnestly. “It is hard to get four guys from the projects who had no guidance except in this street hustling to get to where we are. I constantly pray on this. Even before we touch the mic we pray,” he added.